Erotic Art

Edgar Rocha

Jessica Green: Paranormal Reporter

"Hi there… It's good to see you here… I'll take a peek in this sexy site and tell you all the juicy details… In the style of the classic sex comics, Jessica is a hot lady with boobies that are huge and stiff nipples ready to be played with. The sexy babe has plans for a tv show about the paranormal. In this erotic comic, she wants to hunt from ghosts and they're quite happy to have her hunting them. Her current job on the tv leaves her wanting something more.

In her nightmares she dreams of demon sex in a dark fantasy. She sucks on the demons' huge thingies, drinking their white cream like it's the best thing she's ever tasted. Sucking male members is something she delights in even if it's a monster's cock. Oh… I think the monsters are looking at us… Hold on tight to me so we can look a little more… Yes… my breasts are large and firm… I suppose you can hold on to them… shivers… In this sex comic everyone is hot for Jessica's steaming privates. The sexy story is filled with monster thingies all aching to be buried deep in Jessica's sex. This is one hot xxx comic waiting for a damsel in distress and Jessica is just such a woman. She's great for giving large shafts blowjobs. Her tight opening is made for big male parts ready to take her. This adult comic has great promise with a huge breasted girl in peril from supernatural monster thingies. I think I should go before the monsters come back… Thanks for holding my… Well… I hope to see you again… Bye for now…"


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